About Diana Cox


Diana’s work is hand-made from white earthenware paper clay, which is used in thin textured slabs. These are stretched into pillow and curved forms and made into boxes, dishes, lamps, jewellery  and tiles. Using paper clay allows this stretching to take place without tearing, but does mean that dishes are porous and for decorative use only.


The rich colours derive from the slips, shiny glazes and under-glaze colours used. Diana’s interest in textiles, shells, seed-pods and small precious containers such as reliquaries inform and inspire her work. The work is glaze-fired to 1120 degrees in an electric kiln.


Diana trained at South Thames college in London. She has been working from studios in South East London for the past 11 years – for 9 years in Havelock Walk, SE23  where she still shows at Open Studios events. She has taught ceramics in various settings to both adults and children over the same period.